X MultiMedia System
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"esound is junk. The only thing esd has is a good client API for going boing
 at approximately the right time. Anything else is beyond it."
- Alan Cox
Open Sound System

 New Plugins
XMMS Recorder 0.3.0
Dec 06

UADE 0.73-pre5
Nov 26

Palace 0.1.9
Nov 21

DeFX 0.9.9
Nov 20

Goom 1.10.0
Nov 20

Dancing Particles 0.4
Nov 20

Simple Level Meter 0.3
Nov 20

XMMS Album List 0.3
Nov 20

XMMS Plugin Pack 3.1
Nov 20

AdPlug/XMMS 1.0
Nov 20

Requirements for:
 GLibC: GTK and GLIB (1.2.2 or above). We have RPM's here
 LibC5: GTK and GLIB (1.2.2 or above), gnu gettext, linuxthreads 0.71 and Thread aware Xlibs.

    Note: when compiling gettext use ./configure --with-gnu-gettext

After you have installed GTK, gettext and linuxthreads, shutdown x, and untar XFree86-3.3-libs.tar.gz into /usr/X11R6/lib (or appropiate path) NOTE: do NOT do this while X is running.

Glibc2 + Libc5:
 when you have downloaded and installed above listed programs/libs then run:

 make install

That should be it, xmms installs itself in /usr/local as default. Make sure you don't have an old version of xmms in your PATH (use "type xmms" and make sure it's in /usr/local/bin, otherwise delete (or move) the old version.)

NOTE: do not email us about installation/compilation problems, those emails will be sent to /dev/null.

  - Olle and Thomas