X MultiMedia System
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"I don't know why and I'm not yet motivated to fix it since my views on esd are mostly unprintable."
- Alan Cox
Open Sound System

 New Plugins
XMMS Album List 0.6
Apr 12

UADE 0.80-pre4
Apr 12

Highly Experimental 0.0.3
Apr 12

EQ Graphical Equalizer 0.4
Apr 12

SingIt 0.1.25
Apr 12

XMMS-KDE 3.1beta1
Apr 12

Nebulus 0.5.0
Apr 12

CXMMS 0.4.7
Apr 12

Goodnight 0.3.2
Apr 12

Xmms Alarm 0.3.3
Apr 12

Next version will include:

Ogg Vorbis:

* ReplayGain



* Replaced folder icons. New ones by Jakub Steiner.
* Don't display playlist numbers elsewhere when turned off.
* Support 32-bit and 16-bit "bitfield" bmps in skins.

CD Audio:

* Supply a dummy user and hostname to the cddb server.
* Picked up support for Darwin (from FINK cvs) and NetBSD (from NetBSD cvs)


* Handle UTF-16 encoded tags.
* Major stability fixes


* Optionally use a user supplied icon instead of the default one when XMMS is not running.



* New translations: Basque (eu), Tajik (tg), Vietnamese (vi), Nynorsk (nn), Thai (th).


* --play-pause command to toggle playback.
* Updated README/man pages.
* Added xmms_remote_play_pause(), xmms_remote_playlist_ins_url_string()
* Realtime priority works again, it was broken in 1.2.5.
* bzip2 skins should now work regardless of Tar version.
* Key bindings are now saved when you exit XMMS.
* NetWM support updated to the latest specs.
* Handles @ in URL's properly if username:password@host is not used.


* Added 'Sort by date'
* Page Up/Down keys scrolls one page, instead of the 3 line inheritance from Winamp.

* Extended M3U lists now supported.
* Added reading of playlist info for selection.

* Added Import/WinAMP Presets to the preset menu to import an entire set of WinAMP presets (WINAMP.q1) into the preset list.


* Fixed an endianess problem on smallendian boxes
* 1.0rc1 or higher required.


* Handle more broken mp3s.
* No more "-" for mp3s with ID3v2 tags that contain no usable information.
* VBR files without XING header are now handled more gracefully.


* Mikmod plugin now recognizes mod.* files.

CD Audio:

* Setting the environmental variable XMMS_CDDB_CLIENT_NAME, will make XMMS use that instead when identifying to CDDB servers.
* Better handling of CDDB requests.
* Don't poll current time when paused, can cause weird things on some drives.

OSS Output:

* Do endian/sign conversion if necessary.

ESD Output:

* Will use ESD stream volume instead of the OSS mixer as default.

* Assorted bugfixes/memleaks plugged.



* New translations (gl, pt, id, sr)
* Translations work in libxmms.
* Handles broken translations better.


* Joystick plugin suppports more than 4 buttons.
* Vorbis plugin handles streams.
* Vorbis plugin generate data in native endianness.
* File info dialog for Vorbis plugin.
* Alot of bugfixes to the Vorbis plugin.
* Tonegen input plugin supports more frequencys at the same time.
* Solaris output plugin added.
* Additional fixes to the Solaris plugin after it moved to the XMMS source.
* IR plugin can now configure IR code length.
* OSS Output can now configure the mixer device manually.
* Handle no effect plugins without crash.
* Esd plugin makes use of ESPEAKER variable.
* ID3v1.1 support, ID3v1.0 still saves the entire comment.


* CDAudio ported to OpenBSD.
* Fixed glitches in FreeBSD audio playback.
* Compilation fixes for Tru64 Unix, FreeBSD, OpenBSD.


* Physically delete file from playlist.
* Right-click menu in the playlist.
* Playlist counter wraps at ~136 years instead of ~600 hours.
* Pressing middle mouse button in the playlist will try to add the content of the clipboard. Double click will clear the playlist.


* MiniIcon now shows up in KDE2 taskbar.
* Gnomexmms shows the title in the tooltip.
* DGA support has been dropped.
* Fullscreen code should be more sane now.
* Man pages. (xmms, gnomexmms, wmxmms)


* Set realtime mode and drop root privilieges before initalizing GTK. (XMMS would not work with GTK 1.2.10)
* Better shuffleplay support.
* Possible to show WM decorations.
* Fixed segfaults in the controlsocket.
* Generic titles instead of Input plugin specific (mpg123, vorbis, cdaudio).
* %F - File path, for titlestrings.

* Smaller fixes, memory leaks and stability issues.


* Vorbis plugin included. This plugin depends on the vorbis libraries which are not included.
* Support for using a regular font in the main window.
* Fixed some serious bugs in the UDP metadata streaming.
* Fixed a bug that could make xmms crash on mpeg files with certain id3v2 tags.
* 3DNow! Support in the MPG123 engine.
* Use Solaris plugin as default on Solaris.
* New translations (az, it, tr)


* Bugfixes.
* New configuration option to enable fontsets in the playlist.
* Support for the "netwm" window manager hints.
* README much updated.
* Support for icecast UDP title streaming.
* Added "Play Directory".
* Skin drawing changed. Skins with incomplete pixmaps look like they should now.
* Loading of equalizer presets from disk.
* New translations (gr, lv).
* Try to load plugins from ~/.xmms/Plugins


* Bugfixes.
* Updates to the song change plugin.


* Added xmms_remote_quit.
* New languae (eo).
* Workarounds for some compilation problems.
* Bugfixes.


* MiniIcon for gnome panel/KDE panel.
* I18N support. (different languages)
* Echo/Extra Stereo now save their settings. :)
* Merged Surround Echo with Echo plugin.
* Tone Generator plugin
* URL history for the playlist
* Control socket now supports deleting playlist entries.
* No more resetting of the cdrom while changing cd tracks.
* Support for WSZ skins (winamp skin zip).
* New about logo :)
* nVidia compatible OpenGl Spectrum analyzer.
* Support for local CDDB databases.
* Added support for per-user plugin dir(s) (~/.xmms/Plugins/*)
* New option to disable ID3v2 tags.
* Added xmms_remote_playlist_delete, xmms_remote_get_eq, xmms_remote_get_eq_preamp, xmms_remote_get_eq_band, xmms_remote_set_eq, xmms_remote_set_eq_preamp, xmms_remote_is_shuffle, xmms_remote_is_repeat and xmms_remote_set_eq_band functions to the API.
* Added incremental match jump to file.
* Added support for HTTP redirects.
* Added Enqueue button to mainwin fileselector.
* Made it possible to set the audio device by hand in OSS output.
* Added support for X11R5 session management.
* DnD now supports Netscape, Motif filemanagers and KDE2 (when it's released)

+ The additional huge pile of fixes and minor under the hood improvements.

Check the CVS ChangeLog for recent changes and information about bugfixes.