X MultiMedia System
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"esound is junk. The only thing esd has is a good client API for going boing
 at approximately the right time. Anything else is beyond it."
- Alan Cox

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Open Sound System

 New Plugins
XMMS Recorder 0.3.0
Dec 06

UADE 0.73-pre5
Nov 26

Palace 0.1.9
Nov 21

DeFX 0.9.9
Nov 20

Goom 1.10.0
Nov 20

Dancing Particles 0.4
Nov 20

Simple Level Meter 0.3
Nov 20

XMMS Album List 0.3
Nov 20

XMMS Plugin Pack 3.1
Nov 20

AdPlug/XMMS 1.0
Nov 20

XMMS Recorder 0.3.0 / Mike Tyson ( mike at tzidesign.com )Dec 06, 2002 Input
It can be used to record from your soundcards input and let it flow to the output you selected (soundcard or WAVE output). It can record via OSS or ESounD.

* New maintainer
* Issue with vis's only showing 1/4 of display active has been solved
* XMMS Recorder now compiles without needing ALSA (finally =))
* Added option to regularly flush the buffer to keep visualisations synchronised with the input
* Created new about box

* Hopefully fixes ALSA problems.

* Using GNU autoconf.
* Working ALSA recording.
* ALSA card, device selection.
* Lots of bugfixes.

UADE 0.73-pre5 / Heikki Orsila ( heikki.orsila at ee.tut.fi )Nov 26, 2002 Input
Plays old amiga tunes with UAE emulation and cloned m68k-assembler Amiga delitracker API. With cloned delitracker API you don't have to port old players from Amiga, you can re-use old Deliplayers that use Amiga Delitracker API.

* Fixes were made to the interrupt system.
* New formats are supported, such as SoundImages, SteveBarrett, AHX v2, BladePacker, and Janko Mrsic-Flogel.
* The powerpacker depacker was enhanced.
* New sound core features were added
* An initial epg_modulechange interface was added, which provides song end detection for about 20 formats.

* First port to IRIX/MIPS!
* A few long standing bugs fixed
* Wav sound output will now produce little endian by default on all platforms

* lots of new formats
* lots of bug fixes
* many improved versions of old players
* security fixes
* Turrican 2 and 3 (TFMX) songs are working finally!

* lots of new players (lots of thanks to Don Adan / Wanted Team!)
* improved many players (same as above)
* more portability (included uade rpm spec for the uade distribution)
* better documentation
* separate master volume setting for uade played songs under xmms

* new players
* more working custom songs
* sc68 container support
* more portable configuration system
* PA-RISC support

Palace 0.1.9 / Michael Bourgeous ( n1tr0g3n at gmx.net )Nov 21, 2002 Visual
Palace is an XMMS plugin based on the XPLSISNJASP plugin. Its primary function is to use a device attached to the computer's 25-pin parallel port to control some type of electronic device in synchronization with music, typically a light show. It has been adapted from xplsisnjasp-0.8.0 to include much better graphics, correct spelling of the word "Channel", and some source cleanups.

* Autoconf 1.5 support
* Much cleaner code
* More modular design
* New Glade-generated configuration dialog
* New Glade-generated render window
* Gtk+ code is mostly generated by Glade, to make it easier to update
* Pathetic beat detection
* New graphics
* More features

* Smaller Graphics.
* Cleaner code (maybe).
* Better configuration.
* Even more corrected spelling.
* Variable-size frequency bars (the line shows where the threshold is)

* More corrected spelling.
* Minor UI tweaks.

* New grahpics.
* New name.

DeFX 0.9.9 / Franco Catrin L. ( ancelot at directo.cl )Nov 20, 2002 Effect
DeFX is a Multi-effects processor Plug-in.

DeFX support 6 types of effects, grouped into 4 different modules.
Karaoke: Removes the song's voices trying to preserve the bass and drums
Panning: Smoothly selects between the two stereo channels
Modulation: Three classical effects. Flange, phaser and chorus
Reverberation: You can simulate your songs as being played in a huge room

* Updates for building RPMs

* Source code released.

Goom 1.10.0 / Jean-Christophe 'JeKo' Hoelt ( jeko at free.fr )Nov 20, 2002 Visual
Trippy visualization.

* More reactive to the kind of music.
* A frame rate limiter.
* Scrolling messages.
* Better animation.

* Compilation fixes

* Transitions between effects.
* Now uses SDL.
* Displays the title.

* Two new effects : Hypercos & IFS !
* Buggy fullscreen mode
* Control of Goom and Xmms with Keystrokes (see the About window)

* Adding some new stuff from iGoom (circle line).
* Removing the init-close bug.
* Adding the possibility to double the size of the pixel.

* New code architechture.
* New water effect.

* Two new FX.
* Fixing a little bug with the initial config loading.

* Fixed segfault on intel
* Fixed pb with endianism
* Fixed error with ./configure of version 1.4

depends on:

Dancing Particles 0.4 / Pierre Tardy ( tardyp at free.fr )Nov 20, 2002 Visual
This plugin makes particles dance. Very pretty neon colors. *mmm*

* Added configuration

* Cleaned up source

* Added texture and alpha blending

Simple Level Meter 0.3 / Fabrice Gadaud ( fabrice at gadaud.org )Nov 20, 2002 Visual
This is Simple Level Gad's Level Meter made in few hours...

* Fixed a crash if Level Meter Window is closed while playing

* Possible to use only one bar.
* Orientation preferences.
* Configuration window.

XMMS Album List 0.3 / James Curbo ( phoenix at sandwich.net )Nov 20, 2002 Misc
XMMS Album List (xalbumlist or xal for short) is a Unix application for loading directories of mp3s into XMMS, similar in concept to the Winamp plugin AlbumList. It is written in Perl using GtkPerland Xmms::Perl, both available on CPAN.
XMMS Plugin Pack 3.1 / InformixNov 20, 2002 Misc
About 250 plugins, tools, libraries and scripts precompiled for your pleasure.
AdPlug/XMMS 1.0 / Simon Peter ( dn.tlp at gmx.net )Nov 20, 2002 Input
AdPlug/XMMS is an XMMS input plugin, using the AdPlug core library to play back many types of AdLib (OPL2) audio file formats through AdPlug's integrated OPL2 emulator. No OPL2 hardware is needed!