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"I don't know why and I'm not yet motivated to fix it since my views on esd are mostly unprintable."
- Alan Cox
Show details UADE
by Heikki Orsila - Monday, April 09 2007 23:08 CEST
About: UADE (Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator) plays old Amiga music formats by UAE Amiga emulation. It supports at least 150 different formats.
Changes: This release adds partial support for the new Audacious 1.3.x plugin API, has improved Infogrames and ChipTracker replayers, adds Quartet and Quartet ST replayers, and fixes many small issues.
Show details XMMS-SID
by Matti Hamalainen - Saturday, January 27 2007 13:58 CET
About: XMMS-SID is a plugin for XMMS which provides support for playing the so-called "SID tunes". For the actual playing, XMMS-SID uses the excellent libsidplay SID-chip/6502 emulator engine.
Changes: Structural cleanup of the code was made; some previous artificial limitations were removed in the process. Dynamic allocation is now used in all structures of SonglengthDB and STILDB, which should improve memory usage efficiency. Documentation was updated and extended. Code was re-indented and commenting was improved. Internationalization support via GNU gettext was added, with initial (but largerly unfinished) Finnish translation. Some portability bugs were fixed, including a non-aligned memory access crash on certain non-x86 platforms.
Show details AMIDI-Plug
by Giacomo Lozito - Thursday, July 13 2006 22:48 CEST
About: AMIDI-Plug processes MIDI files and sends their events to one or more ALSA sequencer client ports. Any hardware or software synthesizer, as long as it provides ALSA sequencer ports, can be used to play MIDI with AMIDI-Plug.
Changes: This release has been redesigned and gmodulized; now it uses runtime-loadable backends for MIDI events handling and playback. It doesn't depend on ALSA anymore, aside from its ALSA backend, which means it can be used on non-Linux systems too. Three backends are included in the source code: ALSA (basically does everything amidi-plug was able to do in previous versions), FluidSynth (a software synth backend that can pipe audio into effect and output plugins of the player), and dummy (for analysis and testing).
Show details xmms-cube
by Todd Jeffreys - Tuesday, July 11 2006 23:01 CEST
About: xmms-cube is a port of the Winamp plugin in_cube. This plugin allows you to play Gamecube streamed audio files.
Show details XMMS Jogdial
by Juan Pablo Perez - Tuesday, July 11 2006 22:56 CEST
About: XMMS Jogdial Plugin is an XMMS plugin for the Sony Vaio PCG-C1XS. It allows the user to use the jogdial to control volume, playback, and the playlist.
Show details Query XMMS
by Bob - Tuesday, July 11 2006 22:45 CEST
About: QueryXMMS (qxmms) is a small command line application that queries XMMS about what it is currently doing. It is useful for writing scripts that react to the status of XMMS.
Show details xmms-syncup
by Adam Thomason - Tuesday, July 11 2006 22:41 CEST
About: xmms-syncup is a plugin for the XMMS music player that synchronizes the audio output of one or more client players to a single server.
Show details NCXmms
by Mariusz Gniazdowski - Tuesday, July 11 2006 22:30 CEST
About: NCXmms is an XMMS frontend based on ncurses.
Show details XMMS PITCH
by Jammet - Tuesday, July 11 2006 22:25 CEST
About: A simple pitch control plugin for xmms.
Show details Rocklight
by Hunz - Tuesday, July 11 2006 22:21 CEST
About: RockLight causes the Thinklight of an IBM Thinkpad to flash to the beat of your music.
Show details XMMS-JACK
by Chris Morgan - Tuesday, July 11 2006 22:04 CEST
About: Output plugin for Jack.
Changes: A crash with the freebob jack driver was fixed. Internal cleanups were done.
Show details XMMS Root Visualization
by Johannes Jordan - Tuesday, July 11 2006 22:02 CEST
About: An XMMS Visualization Plugin which draws a Spectrum Analyzer onto the X Background.
Changes: Imlib2 is used for rendering. True transparency and gradients are supported, and no more drawing errors are produced. Colors can now be configured on the fly with instant results. Rendering of bevels is supported.
Show details Sony RM-X2S
by Dirk Jagdmann - Tuesday, July 11 2006 21:59 CEST
About: This plugin lets you control XMMS with a Sony RM-X2S joystick.
Changes: This release fixes calibration and joystick detection.
Show details xmms-pulse
by Lennart Poettering - Tuesday, July 11 2006 21:53 CEST
About: xmms-pulse is an XMMS output plugin for the PulseAudio sound server.
Changes: This version was updated for PulseAudio 0.9.2.
Show details projectM
by Peter Sperl and Carmelo Piccione - Tuesday, July 11 2006 21:40 CEST
About: projectM is a music visualizer which uses 3D hardware accelerated iterative image based rendering.
Changes: A correction was made in internal rendering of coordinate spaces. XMMS plugins now close properly via window decorations. The mouse cursor is now hidden on full screen. Menu resizing is smarter. Numerous compilation bugs were fixed.
Show details CoverViewer
by Caligari - Tuesday, July 11 2006 21:35 CEST
About: Displays coverart (or other pictures) for the current track playing using a skinned window with playback controls.
Changes: This version featured some speedups in image loading and a few new options and management features. MP3 tags are now read using id3lib, which increased stability, and annoying crashes were fixed. The scripts for cover retrieving were improved: Amazon was corrected and a new site (Coveralia) was added.
Show details EQ Graphical Equalizer
by Felipe Rivera - Tuesday, July 11 2006 21:30 CEST
About: EQ is a realtime graphical equalizer that will equalize everything that you are playing through XMMS, not just the MP3s.
Changes: An SSE filter implementation, a fix for a silence bug in the FPU filter implementation, and bugfixes.
Show details XMMS Crossfade
by Peter Eisenlohr - Tuesday, July 11 2006 21:26 CEST
About: XMMS-Crossfade can be used instead of the original OSS Output Plugin included with XMMS. It can use direct access to OSS, or it can make use of any other output plugin such as ESD or Solaris output plugin.
Changes: A bug that could cause a segfault when opening XMMS-crossfade's configuration dialog was fixed.
Show details xmms-curses
by Knut Auvor Grythe - Tuesday, July 11 2006 20:52 CEST
About: xmms-curses is a simple application for controlling XMMS from the command line. It is designed to make common, simple tasks fast and easy to do. It is operated using arrow keys and standard XMMS keys, to make it easy and intuitive to learn.
Changes: Code cleanups to get rid of warnings from GCC 4.0
Show details Infinity
by Julien Carme and Duilio Protti - Tuesday, July 11 2006 20:49 CEST
About: The aim of this project is to make a full screen psychadelic visualization plug-in for xmms, a X media player. The design of light effects is inspired by Geiss and G-Force, two Winamp plug-ins. If you ask me, this is one of the best vis plugins yet for XMMS!
Changes: An option was added to let see the current play title on the Infinity's title bar. Also there is support now for the new vectorization features which comes with GCC 4.
Show details SingIt
by Jan-Marek Glogowski - Tuesday, July 11 2006 20:48 CEST
About: The SingIt Lyric Displayer is an XMMS plugin which displays formated lyrics. It was mainly inspired by a WinAmp lyric plugin called Kuo's Lyrics Visualization Plugin by Kuo Shiang-Shiang. It includes a small lyric editor which allows you to insert time stamps or edit the text.
Changes: The focus of this release is the revamped query interface (GUI and backend). It is finally based on plugins, and this release includes three usable plugins: Lyrc (, Leo's Lyrics (, and Lyrix v2 DB (
Show details Volume Normalizer
by Baruch Even - Tuesday, July 11 2006 20:40 CEST
About: The volume normalizer plugin is an XMMS plugin that is used to give all songs a relatively same volume level so that you won't need to play with the volume whenever a song changes.
Changes: Build issues were fixed.
Show details OpenSPC
by Zinx Verituse - Tuesday, July 11 2006 20:35 CEST
About: An SPC player for XMMS using OpenSPC
Changes: This release no longer includes OpenSPC, since it has been changed to a library. Resampling was removed.