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"esound is junk. The only thing esd has is a good client API for going boing
 at approximately the right time. Anything else is beyond it."
- Alan Cox

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Open Sound System

 New Plugins
XMMS Recorder 0.3.0
Dec 06

UADE 0.73-pre5
Nov 26

Palace 0.1.9
Nov 21

DeFX 0.9.9
Nov 20

Goom 1.10.0
Nov 20

Dancing Particles 0.4
Nov 20

Simple Level Meter 0.3
Nov 20

XMMS Album List 0.3
Nov 20

XMMS Plugin Pack 3.1
Nov 20

AdPlug/XMMS 1.0
Nov 20

Crystality 0.92 / Rafal Bosak ( gyver at fanthom.irc.pl ) [ source ] Dec 16, 2001
Crystality Plugin tries to patch some of the mp3 format flaws in realtime. It consists of bandwidth extender, harmonic booster, and 3D echo.

* XMMS-compatible compilation and installation, fixed compiler warning
* Makefile improved
* Harmonic booster bug fixed
* Harmonic booster and echo modified for slightly better effect

DeFX 0.9.9 / Franco Catrin L. ( ancelot at directo.cl ) [ source ] Nov 20, 2002
DeFX is a Multi-effects processor Plug-in.

DeFX support 6 types of effects, grouped into 4 different modules.
Karaoke: Removes the song's voices trying to preserve the bass and drums
Panning: Smoothly selects between the two stereo channels
Modulation: Three classical effects. Flange, phaser and chorus
Reverberation: You can simulate your songs as being played in a huge room

* Updates for building RPMs

* Source code released.

Effects Stack (EFXmms) 0.0.3 / Michael Doering ( mld at users.sourceforge.net ) [ source ] Sep 04, 2002
EFXmms is a standard xmms effect plugin adaption of EFX. It provides the possibility to send the audio through a queue of multiple effect plugins instead of one effect that XMMS originally handles.

* Removed ESounD dependency
* Lowered XMMS version no in configure
* XMMS plugin struct fixed to standard
Freeverb / Matthew Stewart-Smith ( nimbus186 at bigfoot.com ) [ source ] Feb 26, 2001
Port of Jezar's excellent Freeverb reverberation plug-in which according to many people who have used it, sounds better than commercial studio reverbs! Does a great job of adding depth to otherwise flat-sounding MODs and MP3s.
FX Toolbox 0.3 / David Le Corfec ( reez at penguinpowered.com ) [ source ] Nov 20, 2000
Surround/Echo plugin.

Works with xmms 1.2.3, cleanup
LiveICE 1.0.0 / Scott Manley ( spm at star.arm.ac.uk ) [ source / rpm ] Feb 03, 2000
This is perhaps the MOST wanted plugin for a long long time. With it you can broadcast (stream) your music to a Icecast server and others can listen in. Enjoy it, we already do.

depends on:
Noise Filter 0.3 / Rowland [ source ] Jun 10, 2002
Dynamic noise filter plugin for XMMS. This plugin filters out tape hiss from old recordings, with minimal damage to the music. It has an adjustable squelch threshold, so you can control how much is filtered out.

depends on:
XMMS source, read INSTALL
Oddcast DSP RC2 / Oddsock ( oddsock at oddsock.org ) [ source / rpm ] Jun 15, 2002
Kickas plugin that allows you to send streams (mp3 or ogg) to Shoutcast/Icecas/Icecast2 servers using LAME or vorbis/ogg.
OSS/3D Light version / 4Front Technologies [ Binary ] Sep 04, 2001
OSS/3D utilizes 4Front's proprietary 3D audio technology to add bass/spatialization, 3D surround and enhance the sound played by XMMS. OSS/3D provides a DSP engine to manipulate the sound in many different ways. In short, OSS/3D provides the capabilities of QSound and Spatializer and provides additional functionality like Speaker correction and Virtual Subwoofers. OSS/3D can greatly improve MP3s, RealAudio, Ogg and pretty much anything that is played via XMMS.
QSound iQ 1.0 / Peter Alm ( peter at xmms.org ) [ binary ] Jan 01, 2000
Playback is converted to full, rich 3D stereo sound. This is a MUST try for people who stream alot.
sndstretch_xmms 0.6 / Florian Berger ( florian.berger at jk.uni-linz.ac.at ) [ source ] Nov 20, 2001
sndstretch_xmms is an xmms oss-output plugin to adjust pitch and speed seperately with two sliders.

* A few bugfixes.
* Compatibility changes (FreeBSD).

* toggle button for volume correction (needs slightly more CPU)
* toggle button for smaller overlap (less echo for fast songs)
* job architecture for seperate stretch/scale jobs in sndstretch.c (transparent to plugin user)

* no 0.5s noise when passing 0 with pitch slider
* content of old buffer is copied to new one and position preserved, when size changed => less noise when changing speed/pitch
* bug fixed: about box could not be opened due to wrong GdkWindow in gdk_pixmap_create_from_xpm_d().

Sox Effect 0.0.1 / Zinx Verituse ( zinx at xmms.org ) [ source ] Jan 01, 2000
Tonnes of nice and weird effects you can put on the streams.
Speaker simulator 0.2 / David Balazic ( david.balazic at hermes.si ) [ source ] Jun 16, 2000
Speaker simulator effect plugin. (inspired by the Speaker Simulator plugin for WinAMP, http://www.url.ru/~copah/) This is an early release, no makefiles, no docs yet. You can try to use the .so file from the tarfile. What this plugin does is to delay and attenuate the left channel and add the result to the right channel and the same with right/left channel, thus when you use head-phones makes you hear the music more like with real speakers. Makes listening with headphones more enjoyable. The plugin in its current form causes high frequencies to be too attenuated, so version 0.0.2 uses a simple lowpass filter before mixing the channels.
Van Halen 1.1 / Konstantin Laevsky ( debleek63 at yahoo.com ) [ source ] Jan 14, 2001
Plays faster (SPEED +100%). This is very useful if you are short of time but still don't want to miss the main idea of the piece you are listening. The plugin is shaped like the standard shaded windows in XMMS.

Source released.
Volume Normalizer 0.8.1 / Baruch Even ( baruch.even at writeme.com ) [ source / 0.4.1 source / 0.4.1 rpm / 0.4.1 deb ] Aug 07, 2001
The volume normalizer plugin is an XMMS plugin that is used to give all songs a relatively same volume level so that you won't need to play with the volume whenever a song changes. http://volnorm.sourceforge.net/volnorm-0.8.1.tar.gz

0.8.1: (development)
* A new sound compression filter (dynamic range compression).

* Fixed a memory leak that was introduced in 0.4

* A fix for an installation problem, and more robust song change detection.

XMMS Compress 1.1 / M. Hari Nezumi ( magenta at trikuare.cx ) [ source ] Aug 20, 2002
This is a dynamic volume normalizer plugin.

* Configfile handling rewritten, should fix some nasty bugs (such as XMMS no longer saving its own preferences).
* Rewrote README.
* Preferences split off into a seperate file.

* Runtime configuration.

* Added OSX build environment (through alternate Makefile), minor algorithm tweaks, even better default configuration to take advantage of this

* Improved the documentation, monitor window, and default configuration

XMMS LADSPA 0.3 / Nick Lamb ( njl98r at ecs.soton.ac.uk ) [ source ] May 12, 2002
This is an effect for XMMS that provides (some of) the power of the Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API to your everyday MP3 and all-around media player.

* Better control UI, including usable TOGGLE support
* Handle control output (ie UI feedback from plugins)
* Assign ports earlier in plugin booting to workaround SooperLooper bug
* Search LADSPA_PATH for plugins

* Improved stability
* Proper stereo support

depends on:
LADSPA and LADSPA plugins.

XMMS Standard 1.1 / Konstantin Laevsky ( debleek63 at yahoo.com ) [ source ] Jan 14, 2001
Combines three standard xmms effect plugins: stereo, echo, and voice removal. The last are included in standard xmms distribution. With current plugin you can apply all effects above sequentially, i.e., stereo + echo - voice, for example. The plugin is shaped like the standard shaded windows in XMMS.

Source released.

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