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"I don't know why and I'm not yet motivated to fix it since my views on esd are mostly unprintable."
- Alan Cox

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Open Sound System

 New Plugins
UADE 0.80-pre3
Feb 18

Feb 18

KMMS 0.8beta1
Feb 18

XMMS-RVA 0.7.6
Feb 18

SAP plug-in 0.2
Jan 24

Goom 1.99.0
Jan 18

Jan 09

XMMS Find 0.4.7
Jan 06

XMMS Album List 0.5
Jan 06

iNetCtl 1.2
Jan 06

AniMax 0.1 / Markku Järvinen ( markku at koti.tpo.fi ) [ source ] Jan 01, 2000
Anir Multimedia Magic IR controller.

depends on:
Ericsson Remote Control 0.4.1 / Nikolay Igotti ( olonho at hotmail.com ) [ source ] Oct 10, 2002
Remote control XMMS from your Ericsson phone (using Bluetooth).

depends on:
Bluetooth stack for Linux (Bluez or Affix)
Goodnight 0.3.0 / Tamas Pal ( folti at fiktiv.szgtikol.kando.hu ) [ source ] Aug 06, 2001
It's an XMMS General plugin to stop playing at a given time. Before stop it fades the volume down. It can also turn your computer off.

* Set the volume to the same volume before the fade-out.
* Act a given time relative to now
* Act when the playlist ends

* fixed a bug which crashed XMMS when configfile missed

Griffin Powermate 0.0.3 / Todd E. Johnson ( tejohnson at yahoo.com ) [ source ] Oct 29, 2002
A plugin to let you control XMMS with your Powermate.

depends on:
Griffin Powermate
Kernel drivers
HelloWorld 0.1.0 / iso:crash ( iso at kapsobor.de ) [ source ] Feb 10, 2002
Well, I noticed there was no such thing as a simple hello-world to demonstrate the basics. Here it is.
iNetCtl 1.2 / Gerry Duprey ( gerry at cdp1802.org ) [ source ] Jan 06, 2003
XMMS Network control plugin iNetControl allows a client on a local or remote system to be able to control the XMMS player via an easy to use/parse text line oriented interface. The protocol used is similar to the FTP command protocol.

* Fixed a race condition when connections are closed
* Shutdown/cleanup bugs fixed
* Unformatted times are all now in MILLISECONDS (vs the old seconds)
* New commands added

LIRC controller 1.2 / Christoph Bartelmus ( lirc at bartelmus.de ) [ source ] Jun 27, 2001
Linux Infrared Remote Control for XMMS.

* implemented SELECT popup
* font for SELECT popup is configurable

* select titles by just typing them on your remote !!!
* speech output support (ViaVoice TTS required)
* added commands: PLAYLIST_CLEAR, PLAYLIST_ADD (Tom)
* new commands: BAL_LEFT, BAL_RIGHT, BAL_CENTER, LIST (Frank)
* NEXT/PREV accept option (Kevin)
* VOL_UP/VOL_DOWN accept option (Crispin)
* new command: PLAYPAUSE (Ian)

* use xmms_remote_quit() if available (Ian)

* added MUTE functionality (John)

* added numerical selection of playlist entry (Holger)
* added sample config file for .lircrc (Holger)

depends on:

Lyrics Displayer 0.7 / Karol Bryd ( kbryd at albedo.art.pl ) [ source ] Aug 25, 2000
Displays Lyrics for your mp3's. Sample lyrics available on the homepage.

_lot_ of bugs fixed. Most of them was mine. Some improvements:
* Looks for lyrics recursively in subdirectories (configurable).
* Looking in mp3 dir optional.
* Does not try to load lyrics files > 100kB
* Much faster directory scanning.
* Support for gettext, polish translation included. (MK)
MailNotify 0.2.0 / iso:crash ( mailnotify at kapsobor.de ) [ source ] Feb 10, 2002
The xmms-mailnotify plugin checks for new mail and plays a selected file on arrival. it will also execute a configurable command, f.e. launch your favorite mail client.
MDTitle 0.3 / Alex Kuiper ( kuiper at hio.hen.nl ) [ source ] Nov 05, 2002
This xmms-plugin strives to take care of all aspects of minidisc recording on Sony decks. It sets track marks, and adds track titles while recording. The idea is to pop a disc into your deck, hit play in XMMS and the rest takes care of itself.

* Added control panel to control basic deck functions (play, pause, etc)
* Cleaned up some messy code

depends on:

More State 0.1.1 / David Deephanphongs ( deephan at telocity.com ) [ source ] Nov 20, 2002
Preserves state of volume, play/pause/stop state, song position (if XMMS was playing when shut down) between sessions of XMMS.

* Properly saves and restores position in ogg files

Mp3Cd / Stephen Shirley ( diamond at skynet.ie ) [ source ] Apr 19, 2000
For controlling an mp3 player (xmms) from within Quake, and any other game, or application which can play audio cds.

depends on:
Device Driver
PalmAMP Remote 1.0-1 / Thomas Mirlacher ( dent at cosy.sbg.ac.at ) [ source ] Jan 23, 2000
Controll XMMS with your Palm Pilot.

Debug output now correct, added brief protocol description.

depends on:
A Palm Pilot.
Rate & Ignore 0.3.6 / Marc Bruenink ( fidor at users.sourceforge.net ) [ source ] Dec 31, 2001
Adds extra control to the playlist and automatically skips songs you don't like and play the ones you do like.

* High rated songs will be played privileged
* Manual manipulation of the assessment of single songs
* Ignore single songs
* Configurable

RepeatIt 0.0.4 / Marcus Bäckman ( scrooge at varberg.se ) [ source ] Apr 28, 2001
This is a plugin that allows clip repeat and intro seek.

* Repeat song - allows a song to be repeated x times.
* Clip reeat - allows a clip, with start-time x and end-time y, to be repeated infinite of times.
* Intro seek - allows a clip, with start-time x and end-time y, to be played once before moving on.
Song Ignore Plugin 0.1.4 / Stefan Riepenhausen ( sriepen at linux01.gwdg.de ) [ source ] Sep 12, 2000
Will let you put songs in an ignore list so they won't get played by XMMS.

new in this version: 3 expressions
Sony RM-X2S 1.0 / Dirk Jagdmann ( doj at cubic.org ) [ source ] Aug 20, 2000
This plugin lets you control XMMS with a Sony RM-X2S joystick. These joysticks are typically shipped with certain car radios. The use of similar devices from other vendors should be possible. The joystick is connected to the standard game port.
X10 mouseRemote 0.1.0 / Jason Gilbert ( jason at scott.net ) [ source ] Jan 01, 2000
Control XMMS with the X10 mouseRemote.

depends on:
X10 mouseRemote
x10mp3 0.1.0 / Andrew Bythell ( abythell at ieee.org ) [ source ] Apr 19, 2000
Control XMMS with a X10 Mp3Remote.
Xmms Alarm 0.3.1 / Adam ( adamf at snika.uklinux.net ) [ source ] Mar 18, 2002
An alarm plugin to use with XMMS that fades up the volume in the morning and wakes you up.

Fixed a bug which was really confusing me where the alarm was restarting when it was already going if the fade time was less than a minute, thanks to pthreads for that :). John Watzke cleaned up the source a bit and Jason Arroyo came up with a patch to fix a playlist loading bug.

This release adds an option for the alarm to go off at different times on each day and makes the reminder option actually display the reminder instead of ignoring it.

This development release adds a simple option for selecting which days of the week the alarm should activate on, for the people who forget to disable the plugin on sundays. The configure interface has also been modified so that it doesnt take up a full screen on most peoples machines.

XMMS InfoPipe 1.0 / Urpo Lankinen ( wwwwolf at iki.fi ) [ source ] Dec 10, 2000
Plugin that reports XMMS status via named pipe. Handy if you want to add Interesting Real-time Information for a personal web page, or a web cam page...
XMMS Live! Drive IR 0.2.2 / Maxime Gosselin ( hydrogenoid at users.sourceforge.net ) [ source ] Mar 18, 2002
This XMMS plugin is an attempt to add support for the Creative Sound Blaster Live! Drive IR receptor, which allows the use of a remote control. The plugin can be configured to bind the keys of the remote(s) of your choice (Don't know what IR protocol is supported, but it works at least with the RM-900 that is shopped with the Live! Platinum, with my TV's remote, etc.)
XMMS-ACP 0.0.0 / Charles Yates ( lilo_booter at pandora.be ) [ source ] Feb 21, 2002
The XMMS ACP plugin embeds an http server in your xmms instance and allows you to offer remote control, icecast functionality and other toys directly in xmms :-).

depends on:
Active C Pages
xmms-mpcp 0.1.0 / Vadim Berezniker ( vadim at berezniker.com ) [ source ] Jul 24, 2001
When xmms-mpcp is enabled, it will allow XMMS to be controlled remotely through another program. Useful if you need to control XMMS with another user. A perl script which allows you to controll XMMS through a browser using xmms-mpcp.
XMMSd 0.3 / Fredrik Rambris ( boost at users.sourceforge.net ) [ source ] Oct 10, 2002
XMMSd is a web control plug-in. Right now it only has a simple interface but it doesn't depend on any script or so.
xmmspipe 0.4.5 / Benjamin Lynn ( blynn at cs.stanford.edu ) [ source ] Aug 20, 2002
This XMMS plugin enables XMMS to be controlled by a FIFO pipe. When enabled, XMMS can be commanded by sending strings to $HOME/.xmms/inpipe, for example, echo play_pause > ~/.xmms/inpipe will cause XMMS to pause or play.

* Added skipf and skipb commands.

* Fixed buffer overrun using code by Andy Gimblett.

* New "jump_to_time" command (due to Felix). Checks that the filename is indeed a named pipe.

* Makefile fixes.

* New "jump_window" command.
* Version number now has a "minor version" number.

* New commands:

  • jump (e.g. repeatedly sending "jump foo" will cause XMMS to cycle through all the songs with titles containing "foo")
  • mute
  • clear/playlist_clear
  • load/playlist_load
  • save/playlist_save
  • delete/playlist_delete
  • delete_current/playlist_delete_current

* Now installs to Plugins/General/
* Added pause.
* Added aliases next, prev, add.

* Added playlist_add command.

XOSD 1.0.3 / Tim Wright ( tim at ignavus.net ) [ source ] Sep 04, 2002
Displays transparent information on your desktop, just like an On Screen Display.

* Some autoconf fixes
* Better default font
* Memory leak and segfault bug fix
* KDE stay-on-top patch.

* Mostly code cleanups here - Autoconf fixes, package fixes. Ability to selectively build the xmms plugin

* Some more code cleanups and speed improvements.
* A few improvements in the xmms plugin and osd_cat.
* Some fixes to unicode support.

* Fixed multiline support.
* Modified xosd_init paramaters.
* Fixed Redhat packaging problems.
* All functions now have a seperate manpage.
* Added multicolour patch.
* General speed and code cleanup
* Tim Wright is the new maintainer.
* Fixed the old clear playlist segfault.
* Autoconf support.

* Some general changes
* New OSD option (Sliders)
* Drop shadows
* A few fixes

* A Bugfix for non-Gnome compliant window managers.

* Updates have been made to osd_cat.
* New man pages were added.
* The source code has been cleaned up

* Fixed problem when using multiple screens, no longer fixed to first screen
* Fixed bug in xmms plugin which was forcing it to always display at the bottom of screen
* Fixed bug in osd_cat causing problems if osd couldn't be initialized
* Added ability to never timeout (set timeout to -1)
* Fixed bug when enlarging font and it getting cut off
* Again attempted to update always on top... this is annoying

* Added unicode character support (thanks for the patch)
* Added error messages if shape extension is unavailable
* Update Configuration Dialog, now looks much nicer