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"I don't know why and I'm not yet motivated to fix it since my views on esd are mostly unprintable."
- Alan Cox

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Open Sound System

 New Plugins
XMMS Album List 0.6
Apr 12

UADE 0.80-pre4
Apr 12

Highly Experimental 0.0.3
Apr 12

EQ Graphical Equalizer 0.4
Apr 12

SingIt 0.1.25
Apr 12

XMMS-KDE 3.1beta1
Apr 12

Nebulus 0.5.0
Apr 12

CXMMS 0.4.7
Apr 12

Goodnight 0.3.2
Apr 12

Xmms Alarm 0.3.3
Apr 12

3dNow! patch 1.2.3 / Kayasono ( kayasono at mb.infoweb.ne.jp ) [ source ] Sep 25, 2000
This patch provides following features.

3DNow! optimized decoder ( based on mpg123-0.59r and new 3DNow patch)
Added following options in "MPG123 Configuration" tab.
* Automatic detection (if CPU isn't support 3DNow!, use FPU decoder)
* Force to use 3DNow!
* Force to use FPU

Works with XMMS 1.2.3pre1 and 1.2.3
3DSE patch 11 / Frank Cornelis ( Frank.Cornelis at rug.ac.be ) [ source ] Jul 11, 2001
Adds 3DSE support to OSS Output plugin.

Patched against XMMS 1.2.5
Advanced Playlist Editor / Robin ( mailto:x42 at ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de ) [ ] Feb 20, 2001
The Advanced Playlist editor is a Plugin for the X-Multimedia-System. It is a replacement of the standard add File dialog of the XMMS Playlistwindow.
AST/Logitech 1.2 / Ryan Veety ( ryan at ryanspc.com ) [ source ] Aug 11, 2000
AST/Logitech remote control

Updates include:
Directory browser
CD Player mode
Visualization plugin display
Multiple playlists
BX+XMMS / André Camargo ( acamargo at atlas.ucpel.tche.br ) [ source ] Feb 01, 2000
A patch for BitchX which allows you to control XMMS from within BitchX. For more information, look at the homepage. NOTE: Not in english.

depends on:
clxmms 0.3 / Krzysztof Garus ( kgarus at bigfoot.com ) [ source ] Jan 17, 2002
clxmms is a client of xmms, working in command- line or batch mode. It lets users play / stop / skip songs, and generally manage a playlist.

* CTRL-C handling

* structure of program rebuilded
* many features added
* few bug fixed

ctrlxmms 1.1 / Robin Smidsrĝd ( robin at smidsrod.no ) [ source ] Jun 21, 2000
ctrlxmms is a small Perl script designed to increase the useability of XMMS. With it, you can use most of the common GUI functions of XMMS from the CLI. You also have a few handy commands which are not available from the GUI. Together with lirc and a remote (eg. Anir Multimedia Magic), this is a wonderful tool.
CXMMS 0.4.7 / Tamas Pal ( folti at fiktiv.szgtikol.kando.hu ) [ source ] Apr 12, 2003
CXMMS is a little control program for XMMS to control it from the command line. Optionally it's have an Slang/ncurses control screen.
E-xmms 1.3.1 / Phil Warner ( locutus at xmission.com ) [ source ] Jan 05, 2003
E-xmms is an Enlightenment Epplet that interfaces with xmms.

* Fixed a memory leak related to Title scroll
* Added jump to position using the progress bar
* Modified appearance of progress bar if stream is/is not playing
* Code reorganization

* Added icons from xmms.org configuration window to allow icon change
* Modified the playlist_title display
* playlist_title view, countdown
* code cleanup
* New maintainer.
* Decreased dependecies.
* New visual enhancements.

* Icon for the initial state.
* Icon while xmms loads.
* Moved initial buttons (start xmms, and close epplet)
* Added play-time above the progress bar.

epic-xmms 0.4 / Tommy Olsen ( yotus at fnuck.dk ) [ source ] Dec 12, 2000
epic-xmms lets you control XMMS from within EPIC via small commands like /play, /next, /back, etc. It also features the ability to print information about the currently playing song to the channel.

/shuffle, /repeat, /pause, and /jump functions were added.
exmms 0.2 / Chris Ross ( chris at darkrock.co.uk ) [ source ] Jun 01, 2000
Epplet for controlling XMMS.

add support for controlling the volume of xmms remotely
GKrellMMS 0.5.5 / Sander Klein Lebbink ( cerberus at cerberus.demon.nl ) [ source ] Mar 20, 2001
Control XMMS from GKrellM.

* Changes for GKrellM 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 contributed by Bill Wilson (bill at gkrellm.net)
* Some small bugfixes contributed by Thomas Moestl (tmoestl at gmx.net)
* Minor Bugfixes, which could (also) solve some compile-problems.

* Slight bugfixes.

* Changed default position to above the APM-monitor. Read the IMPORTANT-file for more info...
* Changed/removed some things for use of XMMS 1.2.1.
* Changed time-bar jump function; doesn't jump to weird places anymore.
* Code changes and theming support for GKrellM 0.10.0. Theming support contributed by Bill Wilson ( bill at gkrellm.net ).
* Added tooltip with extra song-info in the scrolling title-bar.

depends on:

KMMS 0.8beta1 / Janosch Rolles ( janosch at base2.de ) [ source ] Feb 18, 2003
Dock controller for KDE2.

* Pressed button effect.
* KDE 3 support.

* Fixed problem that made it impossible to compile for most people (the standard uic coming with qt didn't work - you needed to have the on coming with kde-designer)

* Fixed problem that made it impossible to compile for most people (the standard uic coming with qt didn't work - you needed to have the on coming with kde-designer

Kxmms 0.15 / Dark Raver ( darkraver at goatrance.com ) [ source ] Oct 09, 2000
KXMMS is a small dock app for XMMS. It sits in the KDE dock and waits for you to click on some of those buttons, which are like those on XMMS.
PyXMMS 1.05 / Florent Rougon ( flo at via.ecp.fr ) [ source ] Jul 02, 2002
PyXMMS is a set of Python bindings for the xmms_remote* functions of the libxmms library, plus some higher-level functions.
PyXMMS-remote 1.07 / Florent Rougon ( flo at via.ecp.fr ) [ source ] Jul 02, 2002
PyXMMS-remote is a Python program that allows you to control XMMS from the command-line (or another program). This is very handy when you want to interface several programs or automate some task.

depends on:
Qbble for XMMS 1.2 / Luke Burton ( luke at burton.net ) [ source ] Nov 21, 2000
Qbble for XMMS is an easy-to-use playlist manager based on Qt. You can use it to very quickly locate songs in your currently-running XMMS session, no matter how large or unorganised your playlist is.

This release adds play control buttons, random song selection, and display of the currently playing song in bold. Qbble now functions as a real XMMS plugin.

depends on:
rep-XMMS 0.4 / Ian Campbell ( ijc at hellion.org.uk ) [ source ] Dec 16, 2001
rep-XMMS is a module for the rep dialect of Lisp which allows you to control XMMS. Also included is a module for sawfish allowing XMMS to be controlled via keybindings.

0.4 * 'xmms-time-shift' function was added. This is useful for implementing fast forward and rewind actions

rmRemote 0.2 / Fredrik Rambris ( boost at amiga.nu ) [ source / rpm ] Nov 13, 1999
rmRemote lets you remote control xmms with a REALmagic Remote.

depends on:
REALmagic Remote
Voice XMMS 0.1 / Ed Schlunder ( zilym at asu.edu ) [ source ] Feb 01, 2000
Shout at XMMS to control it. Neat :))

depends on:
IBM's ViaVoice Beta 2 SDK
WMAmpMenu 0.27 / Sami Lempinen ( lempinen at iki.fi ) [ source ] May 04, 2000
WMAmpMenu is a simple utility that inserts your XMMS playlists in your Window Maker root menu. If you keep your MP3s on CD-Rs and have your playlists organised per CD, you may find WMAmpMenu particularly useful. In addition, WMAmpMenu inserts the standard XMMS controls (play, pause, etc.) in your root menu.
wmusic 1.4.10 / John Chapin ( john+wmusic at jtan.com ) [ source ] Nov 04, 2002
wmusic is a dockapp that remote-controls xmms.

* Added patch to fix segfaults caused by wrong size of displayRect array

* Added patch to stop rotating arrow when XMMS is paused (-a flag)
* Added patch to switch between time left and time elapsed display (-l flag to start with time left)
* Changed docs to reflect new maintainership (John Chapin)

* Corrected e-mail addresses

* KDE support removed (maybe) because it breaks everything else (should fix the "buttons not clickable" problem)

* Fixes for non-GNU make users (FreeBSD) and KDE compatibility.

* Fixed another leak

* Fixed a leak

* Fixed volume flag to be -V (collided with -v/--version)
* Updated man page
* Fixed a leak
* Fixed title "freezing" when emptying the playlist
* Changed the separator for the scrolling title (and the code as well)
* Added ()*/ to the recognized characters
* Fixed a segfault related to the new separator code

XMMS Album List 0.6 / James Curbo ( hannibal at adtrw.org ) [ source ] Apr 12, 2003
XMMS Album List (xalbumlist or xal for short) is a Unix application for loading directories of mp3s into XMMS, similar in concept to the Winamp plugin AlbumList. It is written in Perl using GtkPerl and Xmms::Perl, both available on CPAN.

* Fixed a bug in loading playlists and sorting

* Changed structure of .xalbumlistrc.
* Changed internal data structures.
* Added an option to disable scanning songs for time length. This is turned on by default.
* Added a button "Save List" to manually save .xalbumlistrc.
* Added column headers to the main list, and made them user-resizable.
* Changed the audio file identifying function to look for the following audio files: mp3, ogg, mpc, ape, flac, shn, s3m, it, mod and mid

* xalbumlist now knows how many songs are in each directory and how long each album is.

XMMS Epplet / Tim Ferguson ( timf at dgs.monash.edu.au ) [ source ] Jan 01, 2000
An Enlightenment epplet to control XMMS.
XMMS Find 0.4.7 / Isak Savo ( iso01001 at student.mdh.se ) [ source ] Jan 06, 2003
XmmsFind is a small program that enables you to quickly search for a file in the current playlist, and at your command, play it. The plugin is very similar to the built-in "jump to file" util, but since it is launched by an external program, it can be invoked by a windowmanager shortcut (without having xmms in focus).

* The xmmsfind window stays open after song-change/enqueue.
* Improved the way 'smart enqueueing' works

* Added patch from Luis Rosa (modified it some) which adds an option not to get the titleinfo from xmms. Title shown will be the basename of the file instead.

* Option wether to fetch the playlist from XMMS every time or just the first time.

* regular expression search
* enqueue entire list
* "smart enqueueing"
* some gui changes

Xmms Gtk Playlist 2.0 / Chris Kuklewicz ( mchrisk at mit.edu ) [ source ] Nov 27, 2000
A helper application that imports the current playlist and then lets you perform regex searches. You can sort on any of the columns, and can double click on a row or use the play/stop toolbar buttons. Uses normal C and gtk. Thrown together in three evenings (load&sort&play, search&code cleanup, polish user interface).

Version 2.0 includes an Xmms General Plugin version.
XMMS MediaLibrary 0.3 / Paul Fleischer ( proguy at proguy.dk ) [ source ] Oct 22, 2002
This plugin is a light version of WinCue for WinAmp.

* Fixed a gui problem which was related to threading

* Added a "Add random song" button.
* Did some GUI cleanup of the configuration dialog
* A little new option, which controls how long the last song in the playlist must have been playing before adding a new random song to the end of the list.
* Changed number of character showed in the song count.
* Better handling of keyboard events.
* ID3tags are now cached both in memory and on file

XMMS Perl Module 0.10 / Doug ( dougm at cp.net ) [ source ] May 31, 2000
Perl Module for controlling XMMS.

fix bug where `+' in any command triggered an eval, now anchored to beginning of line
Xmms::ExtUtils now uses xmms-config instead of gtk-config
plug memory leak in Xmms::Remote->get_* functions that return gchar *
fix bug in shell where running external commands left zombies
added Xmms::waitfor_audio() function
added 'list size ...'
fix linkage for XFree86

depends on:
Perl 5.005 or better
XMMS Plugin Pack 3.1 / Informix [ source ] Nov 20, 2002
About 250 plugins, tools, libraries and scripts precompiled for your pleasure.
XMMS-Control beta0.04 / Joe Thielen ( joe at joethielen.com ) [ source ] Nov 26, 2001
XMMS-Control is a Web-based method to control how XMMS acts. Using a standard browser you can control XMMS from any PC on the network.
xmms-extra 0.1 / 4Front Technologies ( xmms-extra at xmms.org ) [ source ] May 20, 2001
Just a few sample sources to show how xmms_remote works. Included sample programs are:

current: Shows information about the song currently played
xmms-add-play: Add a file to the playlist and start playing it.
xmms-del: Delete the current playing song or the last song in the playlist.
xmms-skip: Skip 5 seconds formard or back.
xmms-win: Toggle visability for main window/playlist window and equalizer window.
xmms_cat_playlist: Will pipe a numbered playlist to stdout.
xmms_playlist2html: Will pipe the playlist in HTML format to stdout.

These programs are NOT plugins but external programs controlling XMMS using xmms_remote
XMMS-KDE 3.1beta1 / Flo Niebling ( tranqlzer at users.sourceforge.net ) [ source ] Apr 12, 2003
xmms-kde is a MP3 player integrated into the KDE panel. It can also be used to control XMMS and Noatun from the panel.

* start/pause/stop the player
* jump back/forward in the playlist
* drag'n'drop files from the filemanager
* on-screen-display to show the title of the song that starts playing
* database support for Ogg / MP3 files (since version 3.1 beta1)

You can do most of these things by using the mouse or customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Feel free to submit a list of changes :)

Hotkey support, shuffle/repeat controls, and some themes added.

* Theme engine
* Resource file
* Rpm specfile
* Scroll mode for the title
* Fixed a bug with the vertical size of the applet

XMMS-Ruby 0.1.1 / Paul Duncan ( pabs at pablotron.org ) [ source ] May 27, 2002
XMMS bindings for Ruby.
XMMS-Shell 0.99.3 / Logan Hanks ( logan at vt.edu ) [ source ] Oct 23, 2002
XMMS-Shell provides a simple command line interface for controlling XMMS. One can either use the readline-enhanced interactive mode or simply specify commands from the command line (useful for shell scripts or quick manipulation).

* Fixed error in reimplementation of the LOAD command
* Fixed typo in reimplementation of the FADE command
* Fixed error in reimplementation of the WINDOW command
* Made changes to how script/interactive input is processed
* Added simple customizable prompt support
* Abstracted the xmmsctrl API a tiny bit
* Added Formatter class

* Added in long-awaited changes to make xmms-shell compile under g++ 3
* Titles of tracks displayed by LIST are now aligned, and the current track is now marked
* RANDOMTRACK renamed to RANDOM-TRACK (alias to RANDOMTRACK also added)
* Added CURRENT-TRACK command
* Added REMOVE command

* WINDOW SHOW now has the correct behavior
* FADE now advances to next track
* Implemented XMMSQUIT command
* Implemented RANDOMTRACK command
* Massively rewritten
* Rewrote how commands are specified and how they provide help text
* Implemented simple quoting in the command parser
* If readline is enabled, filenames will be properly quoted
* In the future, more complex scripting (rather than a simple batch mode) may be implemented, so command system redesigned to reflect this
* All commands should now give some sort of feedback
* All of the functionality of 0.2.2 should be emulated

This release features the addition of fade, balance, fakepause, and resetdevice commands. Some equalizer control commands have been added, but they only work with a very recent development copy of XMMS from CVS. Some minor changes were made to make installation more portable.

XMMS-status-plugin 0.8 / Ian Campbell ( ijc at hellion.org.uk ) [ source ] Jan 17, 2002
The XMMS status plugin provides a monitor for the state of XMMS which docks into the GNOME panel. It should also work with the KDE panel, although this hasn't been tested.

Artists: Ian wants to have a more suitable looking pixmap. Go to his page for details.

* A couple of build fixes.

* New icon set from Joost Ellerbroek.
* Ability to select different actions for button clicks when a modifier is pressed.

* i18n fixes and a new French translation.

* Support for kicker (KDE2).
* Bug fixes, thanks to Dave Yearke.

XMMS-Tool 1.1 / Andrew Bednarz ( bed42 at primus.com.au ) [ source ] Sep 07, 2000
This is a X-Chat script and small c program that enables full remote control of XMMS from within X-Chat.

This version implements a few self-explanatory commands including xmms_shuffle, xmms_repeat, xmms_help, xmms_info, xmms_colours, as well as xmms_dcc , to send the current song to ; and xmms_topic, which automatically sends the topic of the channel to be relevant to the current song.
xmmsctrl 1.6 / Alexandre David ( adavid at docs.uu.se ) [ source ] Dec 04, 2001
xmmsctrl is a small xmms control program, meant to bind keys in a window manager to control xmms in an efficient way. Commands can be customized with a shell script, e.g.: if xmmsctrl playing; then xmmsctrl pause; else xmmsctrl play; fi.

* New commands to access the playlist have been added.

* License fix, thanks to Janet Casey
* usleep Warning fix

* /seconds option
* Help modified, code cleanup, launch+not added

* +/- Time in seconds.

* Quit command.
* Get current playing song.
* Cleanups.

xmmsinfo 0.3.3 / 32x ( fredde at linux.se ) [ source ] May 16, 2001
xmmsinfo displays info such as artist, title, time, album, genre, track and other things about the current, previous and the next song played in xmms, pretty nice indeed !

* Fixed ID3 tag genre which sometimes displayed the wrong genre
* Fixed segmentation fault when there was no genre present in the ID3 tag
* Fixed the output function and made it update itself better
* Improved the xchat plugin

* Added "print and quit" option, xmms info will just print to stdout and the exit
* Fixed bug in -o option which caused xmmsinfo to segmentation fault when it didn't have write permissions
* Fixed silent mode which didn't work correctly, works in background mode too now
* Improved xmmsinfo.pl script a bit (utility to gain info from -o output file)
* Included xmmsinfo-xchat-plugin.pl, a plugin to xchat which uses the output from xmmsinfo -o option to print what song which is being played into the active channel.
* You can now exit xmmsinfo by pressing ESC
* Fixed stop bug which caused the output to screw up when you pressed play again
* Fixed play statisitcs summary which didn't show when playback stopped
* Changed install location to /usr/local/bin instead of /usr/bin, make sure to wipe out your old copies of xmmsinfo first, 'make uninstall' does that.