X MultiMedia System
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"I don't know why and I'm not yet motivated to fix it since my views on esd are mostly unprintable."
- Alan Cox
Open Sound System

 New Plugins
XMMS Album List 0.6
Apr 12

UADE 0.80-pre4
Apr 12

Highly Experimental 0.0.3
Apr 12

EQ Graphical Equalizer 0.4
Apr 12

SingIt 0.1.25
Apr 12

XMMS-KDE 3.1beta1
Apr 12

Nebulus 0.5.0
Apr 12

CXMMS 0.4.7
Apr 12

Goodnight 0.3.2
Apr 12

Xmms Alarm 0.3.3
Apr 12

Playlist Editor

Playlist Editor:

We dropped the old playlist editor since 0.9 and up supports Winamp 2.x skins,
File Requester

File Requester:

Here we have our GTK Filerequester, it will work as in winamp and our old one, just a GTK look and it also uses GTK skins if you have them :)
Main Window

Main Window

Main Window:

This is the main window from where you will control everything from. You have volume/balance stop/play and every normal tape recorder functions. You also opens up the playlisteditor, filerequester and equalizer from here! Also added menus like winamp's here!
Skin Selector

Skin Window:

This is the new skin selector look, it also uses GTK skins if you have gtk-engine installed. It works like the old one so nothing to say about it :)

Equalizer Gui:

The Equalizer GUI for XMMS.
Wharf/Dock/Gnome Icon

Wharf/Dock/Gnome Gui:

XMMS feature an optional dock app which sits in the panel in window maker or in the warf of Afterstep, there is also a gnome applet available. (as seen to the left). It feauters a basic control panel with Play, Pause, etc. The gradient bar to the left is used for controlling the volume.